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* Carabinieri officer's saber circa 1755/1770,...

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* Carabinieri officer's saber circa 1755/1770, three-prong hilt and shell with crowned coat of arms of France on a background of flags, crossed with two symmetrical mounts above and below the plate, engraved with filets; flat blade with lateral groove along the back, engraved at the heel, on both sides and on the first third: "Abraham marchand fourbisseur et coutelier à L'Hermine d'or à Charleville", length 92 cm; leather scabbard with three brass fittings decorated with filets, with two rings of bélières; total length 107.5 cm. (Antique scabbard, but probably late 19th/early 20th century). Circa 1770. Good condition. ABRAHAM, fourbisseur à Charleville, circa 1740 to 1770.

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