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Four Hellenistic terracottas with animal depictions...

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Four Hellenistic terracottas with animal depictions and two amphora stamps, 3rd - 1st century B.C. Terracottas of a cockerel (foot broken off), a horse's head and fragments of a lion's head and a pig's head. Three pieces with modern bases. Two fragments of amphora handles with inscribed stamps, including a round stamp from Rhodes with the Rhodian rose. Accompanying documents with correspondence from the collector. Length of the objects 5.3 - 10 cm. Provenance: From the collection of Prof. Dr. Peter Robert Franke († 2018). Co-author of the splendid volume "Die griechische Münze" by Franke, R. P./Hirmer, M. 1972 and many other specialist publications on ancient numismatics and ancient history. Acquired in the 60s to 90s in the German art trade. Condition: II

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