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SICILY - SYRACUSE 405-370 Time of Denys Aurige...

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SICILY - SYRACUSE 405-370 Time of Denys Aurige driving a quadriga at full gallop to the left, holding the kentron in her right hand, reins to the left. Above, Niké flying to the right crowns the charioteer. In exergue, array of weapons: cuirass, two cnemids, Athenian helmet with aigrettes, horizontal spear. R/. Head of Persephone, left, wearing a crown of reeds. She is adorned with a pearl necklace and triple-pendant earrings. Behind the neck, a scallop. Around the rim, four dolphins and ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ. ♦ Pozzi 617; Gallatin R IV/F.VI; SNG ANS 373; du Chastel XIII, 144 Silver decadrachm (unsigned) Evainète type (43.24 g). Very rare. Wide flan. A very fine example.

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