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CHINA - Shakyamuni Buddha in partially gilded...

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CHINA - Shakyamuni Buddha in partially gilded bronze, seated in padmasana, hands in dhyana mudra, eyes half-open with a slight smile, swastika inscribed on the torso, robe richly decorated with a lotus border. Ming period (1368-1644). H. 55 x 32 x 21 cm Total weight: approx. 20 kg Please note: For other related Buddhas also seated in vajrasana and with hands lowered together in dhyanamudra: one seated on a double lotus petal base, sold as a group at Christie's London, December 9, 1985, lot 208; and two others incised with a swastika symbol on his chest, but lacking the lotus base, are illustrated in the Chang Foundation, "Buddhist Images in Gilt Metal", Taipei, 1993, pls 9-10.

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