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Hammerhead Shark sculpture by artist Steve Chaudanson...

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Hammerhead Shark sculpture by artist Steve Chaudanson Small size Single copy The hammerhead shark is a species of shark that has fascinated human beings ever since the 1st maritime explorers wrote about it. Identifiable by its hammer-shaped head, this shark lives mainly in tropical and subtropical waters, but occasionally ventures into Mediterranean waters. Over the years, the hammerhead shark has become a subject of study for marine biologists, due to its unique behavior and peculiar anatomy. Unfortunately, like many sharks, it is now threatened by overfishing and habitat degradation. Conservation efforts, including marine protected areas, are underway to preserve this fascinating creature for future generations. Steve Chaudanson's masterful, fluid work highlights the aesthetics of the hammerhead shark, using the full and loose lines of its skeleton to catch the eye and the light.

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