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PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT GREG LECOEUR: Pilot Whale Signed, Numbered + Certificate of authenticity Fine Art print on paper mounted on aluminum with black American wood box frame Format: 90 x 60 cm Twenty years ago, an encounter in the Mediterranean turned my life upside down. While I was a company director and budding diver, an impromptu trip out to sea aboard my small boat offered me a unique moment with a group of pilot whales in the Baie des Anges that will remain engraved in my memory. These marine mammals with their strong social bonds came to stick to the bow of the boat and we drifted together for several dozen minutes. From the boat, I could hear them breathing, communicating and socializing with each other. Back on land, few people knew about this species, let alone their presence in the Mediterranean, so I bought my first underwater camera to immortalize my encounters and became fascinated by the marine life of the Mediterranean open sea. This overflowing passion led me to make a 180° turn, and today I'm living my childhood dream of becoming a diver-photographer, exploring and photographing the marine biodiversity of the world's oceans and seas.

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