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PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT GREG LECOEUR: Risso's Dolphin Limited Edition - 30 copies Signed, Numbered́ + Certificate of authenticitý Fine Art print on paper laminated on aluminum with black Americanwood box frame. Format: 60 x 40 cm Among the cetaceans of the Pelagos sanctuary is the Risso's dolphin. Not very common, this large dolphin is difficult to observe, preferring deep offshore waters and living in small groups of 2 to 20 individuals. The particularity of this species is that it bears numerous scars on its skin, which it keeps for the rest of its life. due to the numerous social interactions and the inability of its epidermis to renew itself. renew itself. Initially dark gray, it is often covered with light gray markings, and some older become completely white. A large number of days at sea and a little bit of luck luck, I was able to capture a small group below the surface that let me approach them.

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