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PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT BEN THOUARD : Silver Surfer Contre collage + american crate Format: 72 x 102 cm It's May 12, 2013 in Teahupoo, Tahiti, the eve of a historic swell that will last 3 days and offer gigantic waves. I don't know it yet, but this universe will occupy all my future years. Everyone stays on the boats or on the surface to photograph THE wave. While I'm alone underwater to witness this incredible spectacle, I'm left in awe. Once the adrenalin has subsided, I return to my images and come across this underwater photo of a surfer in perfect position in the sun. I fall in love with this image. I know it's different. I offer it to the magazines, without much hope, because I know it will stand up to all the others. Yet I'm going to make 3 magazine covers with this photo, whose surfer I don't recognize. I called it Silver Surfer because it immediately reminded me of the Silver Surfer with its position. It wasn't until a year later that someone recognized the 3 green/yellow/red fins and suggested Landon McNamara. It was indeed Landon McNamara. He used them on the cover of his first album, which propelled him to the top of the US reggae charts.

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