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Mikhail Ivanovich MAKHAEV (1718-1770) Draughtsman Yakov...

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Mikhail Ivanovich MAKHAEV (1718-1770) [Draughtsman] Yakov Vassilievitch VASSILIEV (1730-1760) [Engraver] "View of the Neva to the West between the Church of St. Isaac and the buildings of the Corps of Cadets". 1748-1750. One of twelve engravings intended to frame John Truscott's plan of St. Petersburg "План столичного города Санктпетербурга с изображением знатнейших онаго проспектов, изданных трудами Императорской Академии наук и художеств в Санктпетербурге" (Plan of the capital city Saint-Petersburg with the representation of its main views, edited thanks to the works of the Imperial Academy of Sciences and Arts in Saint-Petersburg). SPb, 1753. Etching and intaglio. Captioned in Russian and French. View: 51.8 х 136.8 cm A copy in the Hermitage Museum (inventory no.: ЭРГ-22092)

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