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Double-sided color card featuring: - G. Peltier,...

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Double-sided color card featuring: - G. Peltier, L'Empire Français dans le Monde, Imprimerie Artistique de Lyon. Presenting the various French colonial territories (Madagascar, Indochina, Guadeloupe, Martinique, etc.). - Ed. Naillon, Rouen and its surroundings, published by the Rouen directory, scale 1:10,000. Featuring a map of the city of Rouen and its surroundings (Canteleu, Darnétal, Amfreville ...). Dimensions : 86 x 67 cm. (As is. Holes and wear). Also included: Color Taride map of Russia, printed by Gaillac-Monrocq & Cie, Paris, scale 1/4,000,000. Showing former state boundaries, details of railroads, canals and telegraph lines. Dimensions: 93 x 73.5 cm. (As is, reinforcement on reverse, tears).

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