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Important Louis XIV Boulle marquetry cartel with...

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Important Louis XIV Boulle marquetry cartel with Bérain-style decoration of cut and engraved tortoiseshell and brass, depicting foliage, trellises and cartouches, domed shock-absorber topped by a bronze depicting Chronos and his scythe, circular dial with gilt brass background, decorated with busts of emperor and empress, flowering vases, squirrels and birds. The hours are indicated by enamelled cartouches on a white and blue background, and Roman numerals around the dial indicate the minutes, movement signed on the back "LE MENU A PARIS", fine chased and gilded bronze trim, at the bottom of the case the three Fates or infernal goddesses of time, spinners of life, known as the Moires, with Clotho unwinding the thread of time, apron with cartouche centred on a Bacchus head, angles with busts of women on gadrooned feet, with leafy cartouches surmounted by feathers, falls in double consoles with leaves and flowers, bezel with wreaths of flowers, enamelled cartouche inscribed "LE MENU A PARIS" supported by a garland of flowers, base adorned with gadrooned, leafy mouldings and falls of flowers, an allegory of Time symbolizing Youth and Old Age by two opposing profiles. ETIENNE LE MENU, Master in 1691, practicing on rue Tiquetonne in 1748, died in 1749. Late 17th - early 18th century. Former collection from Saint-Etienne. H. 106 - L. 48 - D. 21 cm. Accidents, restorations, missing parts, wear and tear, movement transformed with tongue.