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Pair of yellow gold (375) earrings set with drop-shaped...

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Pair of yellow gold (375) earrings set with drop-shaped red coral (Corallium spp) (Corallidae spp) (NR). Gross weight: 4.91 g - H. 3.4 g. Scratches and chips. Coral (Corallium spp) (Corallidae spp) (NR). Specimen mechanically destructured by polishing, cutting, turning or faceting, more than 50 years old, not listed under the Washington Convention (CITES), nor under EC Regulation 338/97 of 09/12/1996, nor under the French Environment Code. The commercial use of this specimen is permitted in the EU, as the material is not raw but worked into jewelry. For any export, it is the responsibility of the successful bidder to check with the customs authorities of the country concerned, particularly the USA, prior to any purchase of this coral-containing lot. If the lot is to be exported from the EU, a CITES re-export certificate will be required, at the expense of the future buyer.