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Remarkable quilt in mixed lace and Belgian "war...

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Remarkable quilt in mixed lace and Belgian "war lace", linen, spindle and Venice needlework commemorating the union of the Allies against Germany joined by Italy in 1915. In the center, a medallion in linen thread embroidered with several knotted standards applied in a paving of lace of Flanders and Richelieu embroidery. Several coats of arms and emblems of countries united in the war of 1914-1918 executed in Venice needlework including: Imperial Russia (crowned double-headed eagle holding scepter and orb in its paws; French Republic with axe flanked by 2 rooster heads and monogram RF; Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom with lion and unicorn with scroll "God is my right", armorial of Serbia, Belgium closed crown with 2 lions and scroll "the Union makes the strength" and Italy which joined the union against Germany in 1915. Flanders lace surround, embroidery Richelieu with rosettes in Reticella inlaid; triangular cartridges containing pairs of birds in flat Venice (doves?) and inlaid squares of animals "totems" of the allied countries (bear, rooster, lion, unicorn ...) to the spindles or Point cut (superb condition). Dim : 220 x 280 cm