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FOUR SOUP SPoons and FOUR TABLE FORKS in silver....

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FOUR SOUP SPoons and FOUR TABLE FORKS in silver. Uniplat model. Spatulas engraved with monograms and/or initials. - LILLE, Sébastien-Joseph PRONIEZ (received master in 1737), 1750-1751 (letter-date I) : plain model, spatula with contours engraved AFIH - VALENCIENNES, Philippe-Joseph BEQUET (received master in 1748), various letter-dates with recognition mark with crowned swan : X (fork), B? (spoon), R? (spoon), I (fork), 1748-1785. - VALENCIENNES, silversmith VV, various letter-dates with crowned swan hallmark : P (two spoons) and S (one fork). Total weight 473 g.

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