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ISAAC (Jules) French historian, pioneer of the Amitiés-judéo-chrétiennes. In addition to his friendships with Péguy, with whom he was involved in the Dreyfus camp, Isaac was passionate about the truth, "Truth has become my golden rule" (1877-1963). Meeting of 9 autograph letters signed sometimes with his monogram to Cletta Mayer, one is addressed to Pierre Bloch (1905-1999). Aix from 1956 to 1962. 15 p. in-8. Attached is an invitation card for the reception of Nikita Khrushchev and his wife at the Hôtel de ville de Paris, March 24, 1960. He renounces to come to Paris for the holidays. By staying in Aix, he hopes for the visit of Daniel Mayer and Pierre Mendès France. He hopes that Cletta will come to Aix for the colloquium, a colloquium he will not attend, considering that my deafness prevents me from attending. He saw in Aix, the new ambassador of Israel, who is his cousin by marriage. His great regret was not to have been able to sign copies of his book, probably his historical essay Genesis of anti-Semitism, published by Calmann-Lévy in 1956. .... but when the book came out I was undergoing a cure. He was delighted to learn that the Centre d'Etudes had ordered a large number of copies, and I owe you a thousand thanks for the support given. He thinks that Carl Th. Dreyer [the Danish director and screenwriter] has gone to Israel because he has not heard from him and hopes that he will keep his promises. In February 1962, Isaac seems very concerned and anxious about the current events, consequences of the Algerian conflict. Everything that has just happened, everything that is happening is like the prodrome of a revolution, but a revolution, I fear, that can only lead to the massacre of the revolutionaries, to new days of June.... Or we are at a decisive moment of the negotiations with the FLN. And it seems to me that this commands everything. After the university day of February 6, a day of the same type in favor of Algerian peace would have been infinitely desirable. But these street battles, where will they lead us? An English publisher asked him for an option of three months for a possible translation of Jesus and Israel, and informed him that the little book published by Fasquelle Editions will bear another title. To put an end to the teaching of contempt . The visit of Chief Rabbi Joseph Kaplan allowed him to be informed of his meeting with Cardinal Bea. He assured him that he had insisted that the rabbinate should not oppose sending Jewish observers to the Council when the Jewish question would be discussed. To Jean-Pierre Bloch he addresses his thanks concerning the reception of the three beautiful volumes. I am infinitely grateful to you for having answered my call, transmitted by Mrs. Cletta Mayer, and for having sent me these three beautiful volumes from your S.I.P.E.P. editions, which will give me great pleasure in reading them. But I have received a letter today informing me that the Fasquelle bookstore will be happy to republish Jesus and Israel, so that the problem is solved, at the moment that the solution offered by your great kindness is offered to me...".

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