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MISCELLANEOUS Set of 17 autograph letters signed...

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MISCELLANEOUS Set of 17 autograph letters signed to several addressees, including several to the aeronaut Gaston Tissandier. Ernest MAINDRON, French historian (1838-1907) 8 autograph letters signed to Gaston Tissandier. Paris, from 1885 to 1896. 8 p. _ in-8. Two letters are on the letterhead of the Institut de France, Académie des Sciences. Beautiful correspondence to the aeronaut. He informs him that he asked the photographer [Eugène] Pirou for the portraits of academicians that he wanted to obtain. He also asks him to receive his second volume published by Launette, a volume that he would be happy to be able to join, "to the one you have already offered me". He reminds him of his last interview for which the aeronaut seemed disposed to give in his review "Nature", a rather important place to the voyage of the admiral Serres. "If you are still in these dispositions, see the admiral .... He has just told me that he will be happy to please you and to communicate to you certain information which does not appear in the Academy's reading...". Finally he acknowledges the receipt of the second volume requested. "It is a true monument that you raised to the aeronautics what, among all your works, will remain as the best...". Antoine-Guillaume-Bernard SCHAYES, Belgian historian and antiquarian (1808-1859) 6 autograph letters signed to Mr de Saint-Priest. Brussels, from July 21, 1850 to April 16, 1853. 9 p. in-8. Two letters are on the letterhead of the "Musée Royal d'Armure, d'Antiquités et d'Artillerie" of Brussels. Nice letters about numerous articles for an encyclopedia, some of them recently addressed, concerning "Munich, Mysia, Munster and Munychia (or Munichia, ancient name of a hill in Piraeus, whose name comes from the mythical king Munichos), articles for which the expedition will be delayed because of floods. "It is a fatality that it was not given to foresee". He is surprised not to have received the proof of his last two articles on "Maëstricht and Malines" and specifies to him that he is waiting for the list of the articles to be made. "I have only made this revision from the geographical point of view and already in this respect I have noticed many gaps. There will be many other articles. Auguste Jean-Marie PAVIE, French explorer and diplomat. He was the agent of the telegraphs in Cochinchina, and became an explorer, ethnologist, photographer of the banks of the Mekong River, consul-general of France in Bangkok in 1892 (1847-1925) Autograph letter signed to the zoologist Henri Milne Edwards (1800-1885) Bangkok, April 15, 1883. 4 pp. small in-8 Letter of a great and surprising delicacy. "...I ask the prince of science whose gaze has thus fallen on me, support, help? The eyes are on Indochina, it is worth it, you know it. In my modest measure I work with all my strength to show it. One has much more courage in the march forward when one knows one is being watched, supported. Don't stop at the mark of interest given, but make sure that I have to prove how much confidence in me has been well placed... ". Charles MAUNOIR, French geographer (1830-1901) 2 autograph letters signed to the French scientist and aeronaut Gaston Tissandier. Paris, December 4, 1889 and March 11, 1890. 2 pp. in-8 and 1 p. in-8. He asks if he has received the photo of the anthropologist Emile Masqueray, a prisoner in Algiers. If not, he could provide him with one. "I even have the photograph that Ch Ferrari was kind enough to make available to me and to you. There is still a small note to make. I could write a note to Mr. Masqueray so that he could send you the value of two columns on these two sons of the sands. I could even give you their signature in the Tifinagh language, which you would make a facsimile of...". He sends him a letter received from a person who would like to join the Geographical Society (letter attached).

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