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Jean-Jacques BACHELIER (1724-1806), painter, decorator...

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Jean-Jacques BACHELIER (1724-1806), painter, decorator of the King's buildings (1755). 2 autograph letters signed to "Messieurs". 1 p. in-folio and 1 p. in-4 (bottom of the second letter torn with damage of the signature; one letter a little dusty). Paris, 1784-1785. Wishes for the success of his art academy [in 1753, Jean-Jacques Bachelier had opened a private academy, then a free school of drawing that would become royal in 1767 to become École des arts décoratifs]. "The wishes that I make for this renewal of year, have for object the advantage of the academy and the happiness of the members who compose it. May I one day congratulate myself on the success of my solicitations for its endowment, and give its members the reward of the truly patriotic disinterestedness with which they have contributed to its establishment. The following year he sends a second letter of wishes, wishing "the extension of the King's benefits in favor of our academy []". Attached from the painter J. VIEL, associate of the Academy (in 1762), 2 L.A.S. to "Gentlemen". 2 pp. in-4. Lyon 1762-1763. "Accept, I pray you, the most ardent and sincere wishes of an affiliate of the Academy who only seeks to make himself less unworthy of your kindness [] ".