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Claude PASCAL, poet, friend of Yves Klein whom...

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Claude PASCAL, poet, friend of Yves Klein whom he met in 1947 with Arman at the judo club in Nice; he was to be a lifelong friend and an accomplice of his art. With Arman and Yves Klein, he founded the Triangle group. 2 autograph cards signed "Claude" to Jean-Yves Mock. 2008-2010. "My Jean-Yves, what a pity the wonderful letter I receive from you, you say, once again, what I have always thought: only you can write (more than your exquisite request) the true "story" [] of our two heroines []" [probably Niki de Saint-Phalle and Eva Aeppli]. Attached is an autograph card signed by designer Gregory Masurovsky, to the same.