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Athletics/Marathon/Cabu/Confortes. Poster for the play "Le marathon de Claude Confortes". This play in 3 acts of the sparkling Claude Confortes (1928-2016) had in 1974 a considerable repercussion. It was theater in motion, the three heroes, nicely named Livarot Ducasse, Nazaire Rimbaud, and Jules Nerval, declaimed the text while running around the spectators, a feat in which the author participated. The trio philosophized on life, on the small avatars of a calvary, and on a sport which was still a little a sport, being the one agricultural worker, the other metallurgist, the last one employed in the writings... Silk-screen printed on canvas, Imprimerie Moderne du Lion. 76X56,5 Seen by Cabu, the three medallists rather ended up on their knees, and the rainbow of color adds to their distress. One sacrifices however the clichés: the winner with his musette in bandouillière has just the strength to raise the arms, and the third to pull the tongue.