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PISSARRO Camille (1830-1903)

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L.A. (minute), [ca. 1896], to a young painter; 2 pages in-12 in black pencil on an envelope. Refusal to take on a student. He responds frankly to the request to work under his direction: "I do not believe that it is profitable for a young painter to follow exclusively the direction of a master. You said you benefited from the study of my works, it seems to me that you would be wise to follow some others, in order not to fall into a personal way which would be rather harmful to you. I have explained my way of seeing to all those who have asked me for my artistic assistance, and so far I have hardly succeeded in making them understand that art cannot be taught personally and that the best way is still to follow the teaching that the various works of valuable artists give you [...] as indeed we have all done by studying Corot, Millet, Delacroix, Daumier, Courbet, etc. etc., without being under their personal influence. Pissarro also listed 5 paintings of his from Rouen, with format and prices: Morning Mist; Setting Sun Mist; Morning after Rain Rouen; Port St Sever in Rouen Fog; Afternoon Sun.

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