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LAPOUJADE Roffert (1921-1993)

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COLLECTION of 25 original DRAWINGS, accompanied by 25 signed autograph MANUSCRITS of writers, Figures vives, [circa 1949]; 25 vellum paper bifolios (38,5 x 33 cm) with each 3rd page showing a drawing on parchment (about 30 x 23 cm), in all 43 folio pages; in sheets in painted paper folder with title, in a stiff tan half-bassoon folder with title piece, worn slipcase. Unique copy of a manuscript book gathering portraits drawn by Lapoujade of the main writers of the 1950s with their autograph manuscripts on the theme of the face. Lapoujade's drawings are executed in silverpoint on tinted vellum skin, with a great finesse of line. They were included in Robert Lapoujade's exhibition, Cinquante portraits d'écrivains exécutés à la pointe d'argent at the Galerie Chardin in 1949. From 1950 on, Lapoujade turned to abstraction. The models are generally represented at mid-body, and from the front. Each portrait is mounted on the third page of the bifeuillet, the autograph manuscripts of the writers generally covering the first two pages, and ending with the signature opposite the portrait. Gaston BACHELARD ("I have never seen myself so much as since Robert Lapoujade looked at me"...), Pierre-Jean JOUVE ("I do not like to speak about this face, which is mine, and in which I recognize my features because we are strangers to our own face"...), Albert BÉGUIN ("According to Lapoujade, I am the only one of his models who has lost face before him... After several attempts, he had to resolve to capture me in profile"...), Jules SUPERVIELLE ("The human face is an answer to a question that, in spite of the beating of the heart and the thought, we do not manage to know"...), Paul CLAUDEL (excerpt from La Ville), Francis PONGE (3 proses: Of the face; The Eyes; The Mouth), Jean-Paul SARTRE ("In a society of statues one would be bored stiff; but one would live there according to justice and reason"...), François MAURIAC ("I always heard that the subject had no importance in painting, but I never believed it"...), Georges BATAILLE ("It is difficult, but it is cheerful to imagine oneself of stone - more difficult, more cheerful to imagine oneself of air"..., unsigned), Louis PAUWELS ("The king of Afghanistan learns that a man, on the other side of the desert, frequents God"...), Marcel ARLAND ("I do not have the memory of the faces"...), Luc ESTANG ("From the farthest that he remembers, this face is familiar to him"...), Pierre EMMANUEL ("He is not familiar to me, although he does not leave me"...), Edmond HUMEAU ("Drawn from under the fog that the sky in its foam soaps with the light light, the resemblance is accomplished like a laundry"...), René-Irénée MARROU ("Why Lapoujade wants that I look"...), Jean CAYROL (poem: " Face, my Olympus, my fresh eye of mystery "...), Stanislas FUMET (" The face of the man is more expressive than his fist "...), LANZA DEL VASTO (" Neither me, nor other, oh being which is not "...), Gabriel MARCEL (" The face of the man is the image of God "...), abbot Maurice MOREL (" Who can thus boast of knowing a face? "), Brice PARAIN ("Lies? Does not lie? "), André ROUSSEAUX ("How you have changed since the other day"...), Emmanuel MOUNIER ("You force me, dear Lapoujade, to question this face captured and remade by you"...), Pierre-Aimé TOUCHARD ("You think I'm safe: posing for a portrait, that has nothing to worry about"...), Nicole VEDRÈS ("If man has been so slow to invent the mirror, it is perhaps because deep down he does not need it"...). Following, 5 abstract etchings on the same theme (P. Claudel, L. Estang, L. Pauwels, P. Emmanuel...). Provenance : Jean Hugues.

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