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FORT Paul (1872-1960) 2 autograph letters signed...

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FORT Paul (1872-1960) 2 autograph letters signed Paris, September 20, 1915 and February 13, 1930. 2 pp. and 2 half-pages, in-8. Envelope attached for the letter dated 1830. On September 20, 1915, he indicates to M. Lecherbonnier "Several friends of letters who are interested in my war bulletin "Poème de France" advise me to communicate to you perhaps you will do me the grace to become one of its readers I write with fever, I write with all my faith of the "vengeful songs" on this terrible and sublime war, - alas! "vengeful". It is for me a moral necessity: I am from Reims, born just opposite the murdered cathedral, which gives me a little grace of state to castigate the German"; on February 13, 1930, on the advice of friends of the letters Fort he sends to M. L. Picard "this new work printed in a small number of copies: l'Amour enfant de Bohême, which is soon going to appear with a frontispiece by Zuloaga and vignettes by Severini. You would see me very flattered if this volume - in which the author of the "Balades Françaises" and the "Compères du Roi Louis" tried to put, in the absence of genius, at least what one lends him of heart and talent - could have the grace to interest you ()".