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War of 1870-71 : Important collection of various...

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War of 1870-71 : Important collection of various folds, gathered by a collector in the years 1960-1980, accompanied, for some pieces, by certificates. There is a majority of Balloon-Mounted more or less rare, starting with various destinations: a regular correspondence addressed to La Souterraine (CREUSE), a balloon for Switzerland, 4 balloons for Italy, 1 balloon for Algeria, 1 balloon for the Netherlands and various. Particular cancellations: a balloon carrying the cancel "blue star" cancelling, beside the cancel "Paris Étranger" in blue, also a balloon cancelled with the cancel "Army of the Rhine, red cancels, etc Particular balloons of which the last balloon to leave Paris on January 27, 1871, the General Cambronne to the Landes, Gazettes of the absent or a Correspondence Havas. There is also a pigeongram, new "Dépêches-Ballons" and supplements. About twenty pieces of the classic period of France from n°1 to n°60 on letter, on front of letter or in the unit, notably, N°2 on letter, N°3 cancelled of the Cad of 2 JANV 1849, N°33 cancelled of the red date stamp, a Susse piquage or various shades of Bordeaux, are also in this collection. The whole is in a good state of conservation, however one finds there some facsimiles and restorations. It is a very interesting set, for specialist. A lot of philatelic documents is attached.