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[ESSONNE]. [FORGES-LES-BAINS]. [FORGES (CHÂTEAU DES)]. Archive relating to the castle of Forges. - Set of several papers relating to the Jarriel de Forges family Mathurin Le Jariel, secretary to the King and one of the biggest fortunes in the kingdom, became lord of Forges in 1677. Including : - Account of Jacques Vincent Menant "janitor of the castle of Forges" to Anne Louise Claude Nivelle, wife of Jean Louis le Jarriel de Forges; with the memoirs of the works made in Forges. - Memorandum for the consistency and dependence of the land and seigneury of Forges [1678]. - Minutes of Normand and Girault, expert architects [1793]. - Papers belonging to the Countess widow of Forges [including "State of the constructions and minor repairs that Jean Louis le Jarriel de Forges has made in the property located in the township of Forges canton of Limours...since September 1768 until 1787"].

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