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(BALTHUS 1908-2001) Pablo VOLTA (1926-2011)

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"Balthus at an exhibition of his brother Pierre Klossowski in 1956. Single silver print in the dimensions 28,5 x 18,5 cm (sheet 30,5 x 24 cm), on the reverse side the stamp "Photography by Pablo Volta", the number of the photo in the Pablo Volta archive, the title, the number of print 1 / 1 in these dimensions: 28,5 x 18,5 cm, signed by Matteo C. Volta, Pablo Volta's only son and rightful owner. High resolution photos 300 - 500 € - CHF 300 - 500 Pablo photographed and Ornella interviewed cultural celebrities between 1950 and 1965. Pablo Volta's archive of paper photographs and 50,000 black and white negatives was returned this year by the Centre Pompidou to his only child Matteo C. Volta, after having collected and kept them by mistake. Some of the photographs bear Pablo Volta's stamp and signature, and all are stamped "Photography by Pablo Volta" with "the reference of the work in the Pablo Volta archive and the number of 1/1 prints in these dimensions". Sandro Volta (1900-1986) was a writer, journalist and art collector, whose collection was sold by Maître Rheims at Drouot in 1957. He signed the preface to the "Manifesto of Dadaism" by Tristan Tzara, his best friend. He took his son Pablo (1926-2011), a photographer in Cinecittà, and his wife Ornella (1927-2021) to Paris to photograph his artist and writer friends. Ornella was a journalist, then assistant to Federico Fellini and Luigi Comencini, and author of books on fantasy (4), Erik Satie (8) and André Breton. In 1981, she created the Erik Satie Foundation and was the regent of the Collège de Pataphysique.

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