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ALBERT UDERZO (1927-2020) Asterix...

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ALBERT UDERZO (1927-2020) Asterix - 6th album. Asterix and Cleopatra. Plate n°43. India ink on paper for this original plate #43 in two parts and including nine vignettes. The construction of the palace for Julius Caesar is finished. Getafix, Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix come to say goodbye to the queen of queens Cleopatra. Getafix falls in love with Cleopatra's nose and finds it hard to think of anything else. Vignette 1 : A magnificent vignette bringing together Asterix, Obelix, Getafix and Asterix, Obelix, Getafix and Dogmatix come to say goodbye to Cleopatra. Vignette 2 : Cleopatra offers Getafix some manuscripts from the Alexandria library. Disturbed by the Queen's nose, Getafix makes a slip of the tongue when he thanks Cleopatra: "Your nose, Your Majesty" and invokes the god Belenos, celebrated for his youth and beauty. This is not a coincidence. Vignettes 3 and 4: Asterix's remark in which we find René Goscinny's famous sense of humor: he proposes the help of the Gauls for the eventual construction of a canal between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Goscinny is referring to the construction of the Suez Canal between 1859 and 1969, which was carried out under the direction of a Frenchman: Ferdinand de Lesseps and according to the plans of a French engineer: Louis Linant de Bellefonds. Vignette 5: Magnificent drawing representing Cleopatra's galley bringing our Gallic friends back to their village. Vignettes 6 and 7: The commander of the galley gives the order to leave thanks to an instrument called an order transmitter which allows to send basic orders like "full speed ahead". The order is shouted in Egyptian by the sailor who receives it and transcribed in hieroglyphics invented by René Goscinny. Vignettes 8 and 9: Asterix hopes to meet the pirates on the way back, but they are in the hold of the boat rowing. Signed lower left, titled lower left and annotated at the bottom. On the back stamp DARGAUD S.A. PILOTE N°256 Folio n°48 affixed astride the two plates and mention " Fournir les bleus ". D. each sheet : 23,4 × 38,7 cm. D. each plate: 21 × 34.1 cm. This is a very nice plate preceding the end plate of the album in which we find again the main characters of the comic strip. ASTERIX®- OBELIX®- IDEFIX® / © 2022 LES EDITIONS ALBERT RENE / GOSCINNY - UDERZO

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