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SICILY - SYRACUSE Reign of Denys...

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SICILY - SYRACUSE Reign of Denys 406-367
Head of the nymph Arethusa on the left, her hair raised in a fishnet tied on the forehead by an ampyx bearing the artist's signature KI (Kimon). Around the rim four dolphins and the legend ΣYPAKOΣIΩN.
R/. Quadriga of horses led at a gallop by an charioteer. Niké flying above crowns the charioteer. In exergue, cuirass between two cnemids, shield, spear, Athenian helmet. Below the cuirass, AΘΛΑ.
♦ Regling 3; Rizzo pl. LII; SNG Lloyd 1409; SNG Lockett 988; Gulbenkian 303
Attic silver decadrachm signed Kimôn. (41.84 g)
Very rare. All elements are live. Minted with rusty corners. Slight corosion.
Very nice style. Very nice.

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