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SICILY - SYRACUSE 2nd democracy...

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SICILY - SYRACUSE 2nd democracy 466-406
Head of the nymph Arethusa on the left, her hair wavy and raised on the forehead. Under the chin, double cartouche bearing the signature of the engraver EYKA/EIΔA (signatures: Eucleidas and Eumene). Four dolphins and legend ΣYRAKOΣΙΟΝ. R/. Quadriga of horses led at gallop by charioteer. Flying nike above crowns charioteer. Below, signature not visible EY.
♦ Rizzo 42, 13; Pozzi 598
Silver tetradrachm signed by the engravers Eumenos and Eucleidas c. 415-410. (16,70 g)
Rare type. Chipping of the blank when struck. Portrait of very beautiful style. Trace of oxidation on the reverse.
Very nice.

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