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[MARET (Hugues-Bernard, duc de Bassano) French statesman and diplomat (1763-1839) Set of letters addressed to him. 4 autograph letters, from the diplomat Charles Frédéric Reinhard, secretary of embassy in London, one of which is signed with his monogram "Ch. R.", and several letters from different personalities mainly related to the revolutionary period. We count, Ange-Marie, comte d'Eymar (l.a. from Forcalquier, February 8, Year 2), 2 letters in copy from the Duke of Orleans and the Duke of Biron, 2 handwritten notes stating that "peace is still possible", a letter from London dated February 8, 1793 concerning the renewal of the lease of "the hotel occupied by the French embassy", several letters voluntarily unsigned by protagonists mainly concerned by this peace, with the recommendation to keep their names secret, revealing innumerable elements and important details on the role of Maret in England, "The Embargo can be easily explained, and if proper measures are taken, I do not yet despair of peace, even if Dumouriez had entered Holland, for in this case, if a courier were dispatched to London, in the same time, or you would leave Paris to request a safe conduct that you would find in Calais, I think that it would be granted to you, but I learned this morning through my ordinary channel, that the King himself had hesitated to sign the order of your departure, which is very extraordinary. I know from Lord Hawkesbury's mouth that he says you only came as a spy. If the unfortunate circumstance of the dismissal of Chauvelin had not been taken too keenly in France, your object would have been accomplished; for I communicated to you Mr. Pitt's opinion of you, as he has since repeated - The City is still against you, although many people are beginning to ask why we are going to make War and they are so persuaded that your intention is not to break with this country, that the credit is sustained...". In another letter, "As you know the channel by which I obtain the secrets of the cabinet, I cannot confide them to paper, it would be to betray my noble friend at this moment. I wish that you see Lebrun himself and tell him that if he wants to promise confidentially that I will not be retained on my return, I will come incognito. Give him this letter, but be careful that no one else sees it. I cannot be away for more than 10 days without making myself suspicious. I can only communicate to him the plans of the campaign and return. If such a service which can save the cause is accepted (because I do not want any reward) I will leave in 48 h. with the reception of your letter (do not sign it) During this time I wish that Dumouriez can by powerful efforts make a great impression in Holland. 4 printed bulletins of which 2, relating to the Army of North. The 2 others relating to the Journal de l'armée de Rochambeau, the account given to the Société des Amis de la Constitution de Valenciennes by Alex. de Beauharnois, etc. An autograph letter signed by Chevalier Auguste Dusaussois du Jonc is attached, relating to a work probably written in 1858 after the Orsini attack (Proof of the divine mission of Emperor Napoleon III) and about his admiration and devotion to Emperor Napoleon III. Also enclosed his portrait by Isabey and engraved by Tony Goutière.