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CHAPELAIN Jean (1595-1674) poète...

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2 L.A.S. "Chapelain", Paris July-October 1663, to Johannes HEVELIUS; 2 pages in-4 each.
Beautiful letters to the Polish astronomer.
June 28, 1663. "Having conceived a very high esteem of you from the time that my intimate friend Monsieur GASSENDI of blessed memory communicated to me your excellent Selenography" His esteem increased by what M. Bernier reported to him, and he rejoiced to have had the opportunity to respond to the King's "genereux dessein" with regard to people of letters, by pointing out to him "skilful Foreigners" worthy of his graces. A letter and a bill of exchange from Mr. COLBERT, Intendant General of Finances, will reach him, as a mark of the King's benevolence. "I would urge a heart less noble than yours to feel it according to the greatness of the Prince who gave it to you, and to know a proportionate gratitude to Mr. Colbert, making him see it by your answer, as to him who has contributed to it powerfully" October 18, 1663. His letters prove how worthy he was of the King's and the "great man's" benefits; he promises to maintain his honor at Court. "We have now Mr. Christianus HUYGENS your Friend and mine, with whom we have frequent discussions Mr. BOUILLAUD and me on your subject " The latter regrets not being in Holland, to be able to send him a " telescope of his way ".

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