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ALARY Pierre-Joseph, abbé (1689-1770)...

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2 autograph MANUSCRITS, [Reply to the reception speech of the abbé de Boismont, 1755]; 4 pages large in-fol. on column, and 6 pages in-fol. sewn with a blue ribbon.
500 / 600 €
Draft and cleanup of the speech given for the reception of the abbot of Boismont.
Nicolas Thyrel, abbot of BOISMONT (1715-1786), ordinary preacher of Louis XV, was elected to the chair of Mgr Boyer, bishop of Mirepoix, and received on October 25, 1755 by abbot Alary.
The draft shows important erasures and corrections, with several passages crossed out. The cleanup, carefully calligraphed in a large handwriting, with however some corrections, must have served for the reading.
"What we have just heard would fully justify our choice, if our suffrages had not been prevented by those of the public. And who could deserve them more justly? An exact theologian as well as an elegant orator, you know how to subject the most vivid and fruitful imagination to the accuracy of the most precise reasoning. You know how to spread graces, which are always useful ornaments, and which never lose anything to the energy and solidity of your speeches. You have just proved to us that it belongs only to the masters of art to give at the same time both rules and models. Should we be surprised, sir, if your first steps in the career of Christian eloquence have been marked by so much success. You have joined to the gift of pleasing, the talent of convincing and of touching, a rare combination that necessarily supposes that of the spirit and the genius " Etc.
Provenance : former collection Mathieu-Guillaume VILLENAVE (autograph inscription and folder).

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