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HUGNET Georges

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Correspondence. ARP Marguerite (1902-1994). Autograph postcard signed "Marguerite Hagenbach" to Georges Hugnet [Périgueux, April 19, 1955]. 1 p. in-12. And an autograph letter signed "Marguerite" to Georges Hugnet, Basel, July 6, 61. 2 pp. in-folio. Envelope enclosed. In her card of April 1955 she evokes with emotion the sweetness of life in the South-West of France " The wild boar hunt has brought us to Périgueux and our private pigs are looking for truffles that we intend to taste washed down with a good wine from Aquitaine (...) we regret that you do not participate in the pleasures of sweet France! (...)"; on July 6 she evokes Jean Arp and his work "when I arrive in Basel I will photocopy a few pages (...) and send it to you as well as the drawing of the poems that Jean suggests. (...) " HUGNET Georges (1906-1974). Autograph letter signed to Lise Deharme, [Paris] December 7, 1952. 1 p. small in-8. Address. He announces "I was just about to give our little boy a romantic keepsake (...) from the Annales Romantiques series (...)" On the back of this letter (lower half) an autograph answer signed by Lise DEHARME (1898-1980) (s.l.n.d.) in turquoise ink. She answers him "I indulged in a rather nice little mystification and that you deserved the double (...) I will be sorry to read coming from you a letter which is not of the same tone. This is the only reason why I am not opening it (...)".

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