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FOUCAULD Charles de (1858-1916).

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Autograph letter signed to "My dear François" [François de Bondy], Tamanrasset, November 7, 1914. 3 ½ pp. in-8. Header with his motto (the heart surmounted by the cross accompanied by the words "Jesus Caritas"). Beautiful letter written during the First World War "I think of you well in these hours that France crosses; you are in the army & perhaps at the border; if you are not yet on the line of the fights, you can be there tomorrow (...) May God keep you in these terrible days! The way the Germans are fighting brings us back to the barbaric invasions of 15 centuries ago (...) I did not know about the war until September 3; (...) It costs me to be so far away. I would have liked to be a chaplain or an ambulance driver with our troops, but my presence seemed more useful here, in a country that had just been subjugated, where movements were to be feared, and where the population had to be kept calm... until now, the calm has been complete...)" he concludes with a prayer: "May the good God keep you, my dear François, may he keep all those you love, may he protect France, may he give us such a victory as to ensure a long peace and protect the world for centuries against the return to barbarism with which we are threatened. (...) "

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