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LUBA, Democratic Republic of Congo. Wood, brown-black...

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LUBA, Democratic Republic of Congo. Wood, brown-black patina. Lupona" caryatid seat representing a female figure standing on a base and acting as a caryatid. The female figure is standing on short legs, the right hand on the head and the left hand supporting the seat, the face is serene and the abdomen scarified. Note: Seats such as this are the most important symbols of royalty for the Luba. Not only is the king's palace called the "seat of power" (kitenta), but the very act of sitting on a seat is a metaphor for the many ranks and levels of the highly stratified hierarchy that characterizes Luba sovereignty. 1st half of the 20th century. Dim : 37x24 cm. Small accidents and missing pieces. Provenance : private collection, Belgium