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Autograph manuscript of a draft of a play entitled...

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Autograph manuscript of a draft of a play entitled "Somnium Scipionis or four horsemen of the Apocalypse" (circa 1920-1930). 25 handwritten pages, complete with didascalies and sound indication, attached a draft page associated with this play, we see the work of the author in his attempts to formulate the most elegant possible, and a blotting paper. A priori INEDITED: we did not find any publication of it although the text seems to have been worked, this resembling a handing-over with the clean one. It is the first three scenes of a text where political considerations and anachronistic humor are mixed. A president of the Republic gargles about the superiority of the moderns over the ancients, until he meets Fouché and Tigellin. Paperback in-8, cloth-backed, no erasures or retouching in margins, titled and complete with distribution, fresh interior for the first pages of an early work.