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MANOLO VALDÉS BLASCO (Valencia, 1942)._x000D_

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MANOLO VALDÉS BLASCO (Valencia, 1942)._x000D_ "La Reina Mariana como pretexto (Malevich)", 1984._x000D_ Etching, copy 68/75._x000D_ Signed and justified in pencil._x000D_ Size: 42 x 30 cm (print); 70 x 56.5 cm (paper)._x000D_ The endless iconographic possibilities offered by Diego Velázquez's canvases are demonstrated in the work in question, painted by Manolo Valdés in 1984. As its name suggests, in the series "Queen Mariana as a pretext" Valdés uses the famous painting "Queen Mariana of Austria" (painted by the Sevillian painter between 1652 and 1653) to adapt it to works by avant-garde artists: Miró, Malevich, Klee and Braque, among others, make this series a true declaration of intent by the Valencian artist, vindicating the role of the great traditional and modern painters in the evolution of the history of art._x000D_ Manolo Valdés introduced in Spain a form of artistic expression that combines political and social commitment with humour and irony. He began his training in 1957, when he entered the San Carlos School of Fine Arts in Valencia. However, two years later he abandoned his studies to devote himself fully to painting. In 1964 he founded the artistic group Equipo Crónica, together with Juan Antonio Toledo and Rafael Solbes, in which he remained until the latter's death in 1981, despite the fact that Toledo had left the group two years after its foundation. Since then he has settled in New York, where he currently lives and where he has continued to experiment with new forms of expression, including sculpture. Among the numerous awards Manolo Valdés has won are the Lissone and Biella awards in Milan, the silver medal at the II International Biennial of Engravings in Tokyo, the Bridgestone Art Museum prize in Lisbon, the National Prize for Plastic Arts, the medal at the International Festival of Fine Arts in Paris, the International Festival of Fine Arts in Paris, the International Festival of Fine Arts in Paris, the International Festival of Fine Arts in Paris, the International Festival of Fine Arts in Paris and the International Festival of Sculpture in Paris, the medal of the International Festival of Plastic Artists of Baghdad, the Decoration of the Order of Andrés Bello in Venezuela, the prize of the National Council of Monaco, the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, the Prize of the Spanish Association of Art Critics and the Prize for the Best Print Artist, among others. Formally, Valdés produces a large-format work in which the lights and colours express tactile values, due to the treatment given to the materials. His work forces the viewer to delve into memory and search for significant images from the history of art. He is represented in some of the world's leading museums, such as the Reina Sofía in Madrid, the Metropolitan, the MoMA and the Guggenheim in New York, the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Fons National d'Arts Plastiques in Paris, the Kusnthalle in Hamburg, the Kunstmuseum in Berlin and the Museo de Bellas Artes in Bilbao, among many others.

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