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LAMY (Bernard): De l'Art de parler. Paris, Pralard,...

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LAMY (Bernard): De l'Art de parler. Paris, Pralard, 1675. In-12 contemporary vellum (small marginal worm work, foot cover and title page skilfully restored) 7 ff. 280 pp. 5 ff. rare first edition. One of the key works of French classical thought. Bernard Lamy's Rhetoric or the Art of Speaking is not only a great text in the history of rhetoric. It is also a pivotal moment in the history of ideas, essential for understanding the transition from the "Grand Siècle" to the "Siècle des Lumières". Bernard Lamy ensures the transition between two ways of seeing the world and of philosophizing. Heir to Descartes and Port-Royal, he will influence in particular the philosophy of Rousseau. First published in 1675, Lamy's Rhetoric was constantly modified by its author until his death in 1715. Rhetoric gradually broke up into various branches, not to restrict itself, but to spread to various developing disciplines: aesthetics, Belles Lettres, the theory of passions, linguistics, phonetics, semantics, theories of tropes and figures all find here a new impetus, even a common foundation. A seminal work that will be of interest not only to the rhetorician, but also to the linguist, the philosopher, and all those captivated by the history of literature and ideas.