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- Cabinet with a slight central projection, opening...

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- Cabinet with a slight central projection, opening with nine drawers on four rows separated by crosspieces, including a hidden drawer. In the centre, a pedimented door flanked by columns revealing four small drawers on four rows separated by crosspieces. The cabinet is decorated on the front with paesine plaques in moulded frames of exotic wood and marine turtle shell (Chelonioidea spp) (pre Convention). The sides veneered in exotic wood with imbricated rhombuses underlined by nets. A stained wood base with eight columns of later period. ITALY, partly from the XVIIth century. Dim. of the cabinet. H. : 67 - L. : 111 cm - D. : 29,5 cm. Dim. of the base. H. : 92 cm - L. : 117 cm - D. : 37 cm. Restorations ; cracks in the plates ; one lock missing ; one back board detached. The Paesine or landscape stones, also called marble-ruins or Tuscany marbles came from deposits in the Florence region. Sawn and polished, the successive slabs present different designs for each cut evoking landscapes of ruins; the greens, blues or greys suggest the sky and the sea while the brown veins evoke castles, towers, keeps, ramparts or factories, cliffs and caves.