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Johann Jakob WALTHER (Strasbourg 1604-1676)

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Macao's Aria on its wooden perch. Watercolour and gouache. Element of watermark. Captioned upper right in German in beautiful, richly ornamented calligraphy in pen and brown ink: Erthrocyanum Sin Indianischer Rab. 25.5 x 40.2 cm. Some foxing. Analogy: Johann Jakob Walter, Ornithographia, 45.3 x 47.1 cm. (in front of a small green parrot) (inv. nr. 15549) (Vienna, Graphische Sammlung Albertina). Presumed provenance for the four plates: (After Louise Beaumont - Maillet, the Nassau Miscellany - Idstein by Johann Walter. Chapter An artist from Strasbourg, pp. 72-79 - Bibliothèque Nationale 1993) 1 - Former collection of Claude Aubriet (1665-1742), miniaturist painter and natural history draughtsman; his sale in 1742; 2 - Guillaume - Chrétien Lamoignon de Malherbe (1721-1794) for a part; the other, acquired by Michel Begon, passed in 1770 in the collection of the king; 3 - Sale in Leipzig around 1922; 4 - Acquired by a Parisian amateur who gives his plates, or a part of these, to the museums of Strasbourg.