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Conversation about beauty with Philippe Cournarie...

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Conversation about beauty with Philippe Cournarie Philippe Cournarie was a philosophy teacher at the Lycée and in Classes Préparatoires for many years. He is director of the "Franklin" review at the Saint-Louis de Gonzague high school in Paris. He leads philosophy/cinema sessions and is a lecturer at the Centre Sèvres. Philippe Cournarie proposes a meeting in the form of a friendly conversation on the subject of beauty, the beauty of the world, the beauty of the arts, the beauty of men. Without hiding the miseries of the human adventure and the contradictions of existence, we cannot hide the experience of beauty in our lives. Even if it is and remains difficult to speak of beauty. Yet, without it, would not our words be condemned to a talkative insignificance? We cannot grasp it, it is true, but if we are not grasped by it, do we not risk losing our breath in the meanders of our lives? These are the questions, among others, that we could ask and examine, allowing ourselves to be guided by some founding texts. Tax receipt if the amount of the donation exceeds 280 . For two people.