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Visit of the Guines mansion in Courbevoie (where...

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Visit of the Guines mansion in Courbevoie (where a scene from Lost Illusions was shot) Bénédicte and Alexandre Gady, both art historians and parents of Franklin students, offer you an exclusive visit of the Guines mansion in Courbevoie, where a scene from "Lost Illusions" was shot. After a historical and architectural introduction by Alexandre Gady, Stéphanie and Cyril de Ricou, the owners and restorers of the place, will present the interior and their work. Cyril and Stéphanie de Ricou share a passion for painting techniques, both in life and in the studio. Nearly 400 colouring powders, gleaned from their travels, are preciously preserved in small pots in a room of the Hôtel de Guines, their house-workshop located in Courbevoie. Stéphanie and Cyril de Ricou seemed predestined to live and work at the Hôtel de Guines. This 18th century residence, owned by the sculptor and ornamentalist Jean-Baptiste Boiston (1734-1814), has an extraordinary stuccoed polychrome decoration from the Louis XVI period in its large salon. For the past 10 years, the couple has been restoring the interior decorations of the listed salons of the mansion, with humility, rigour and integrity, qualities developed with their respective mentors. developed with their respective mentors. Tax receipt if the amount of the donation exceeds 280 .