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1989 PORSCHE 911 CARRERA SPEEDSTER Serial Number WPOZZZ91ZKS151276 ‘Turbo Look’ bodyshell 21,000 kilometres Real first hand Certificate of Compliance German circulation title Voluntary deformation of the «Spyders» or «Spider» body names, the speedster appears in the automotive vocabulary after the Second World War including in its name the notion of «speed» and the contraction with the roadster body, Strict two-seater convertible. Guarded by Porsche since 1955, the speedster range is born with the Porch 356 which is adorned with a body with tight lines and adopts a bare interior including only two seats, a hood of emergency, plastic windows and the removal of the glove box. Very light weight, the car seduces from the moment it is released and half of the production goes to the United States where stars and amateur drivers struggle for its elegance and efficiency. At the appearance of the 911 in 1963 no speedster version nor even convertible are foreseen in the catalog and this bodyshell falls somewhat into oblivion. Coup de théâtre in 1987 at the Frankfurt Motor Show where a prototype is presented to the general public. Based on 911 Type G, a Speedster bodyshell is affixed thus reconnecting Porsche with its past 30 years later. More equipped, the stripping of this new version is less obvious but it is its bodywork elements that make this car more a competition beast than a real weapon on the circuit. In fact, a double dent is installed behind the users' head, the windshield is removable (as on the 356), a non-doubled hood protects the cabin in case of bad weather and the rear seats have disappeared. It was in 1989 that this Carrera Speedster came out of the factory in its approved version; two bodies are available: one based on the «classic» 911 carrera and another based on the «turbo look» kit all for a price close to indecency compared to a body cut or convertible. Beyond the desire for Porsche to show its know-how in terms of aesthetics, this is also the farewell series of the second generation of 911. Wishing to renew its commercial and marketing success, other speedster versions will be offered for the generations of 911 type 964, 993 and 996 but without the expected success. In 2019 a real return to the roots is proposed to the customers of the brand with there also the last edition of the type 991 while the 992 is already in the catalog. Atmospheric engine, manual gearbox, aesthetics reminiscent of Porsche’s past, everything is done to remind people of real driving, an engine with sensations in a world where the sports car is gentrified, weighs down and becomes as easy to drive as a city car. Proposed at more than 270,000 euros, this model is now around 400,000 euros in used, a successful bet. The Porsche Speedster model we present is based on the 911 Type G of 1989, probably the most mythical in the eyes of collectors. Registered for the first time on June 6, 1989 in Germany, it knew only one and only owner truly in love with this model. Today the car is less than 21,000 kilometres long and that is felt. Original metallic grey paint, original tires, engine and gearbox still covered with paraffin wax applied in the factory. Some small personal modifications were requested by the customer to order his speedster including the installation of aUSA type rear shocks that reminded him of the cars of the US series that rocked his youth as well as a gray paint that covers the Fuchs rims. The seller even told us that this car never came out in the rain. Delivered with its certificate of conformity, its two sets of keys, its original toolbox and even the rare compressor for the spare wheel, this Speedster is already a rarity in the collections and on our roads, but at this mileage-This is an opportunity that does not come up twice.

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