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1971 CITROËN SM Series 00SB8555 Engine C114/1 107 127 French registration Launched in March 1970 and based on the DS platform, the SM had the misfortune to be born in a difficult period for large cars. Developed in part with Maserati, the SM was particularly ahead of its time with a remarkable design and a hydropneumatic suspension system dear to the company. Although one could think that its mechanics were directly derived from the Maserati Indy V8, to which two cylinders were amputated. However, it turns out that the engine of the production SM was developed from scratch. With six cylinders in a V-shape, the SM's engine developed 170 horsepower at 5500 rpm on the carburettor-equipped 1970 to 1972 models. Equipped with four disc brakes with hydraulic control and assistance, Diravi power steering, directional headlamps, all offering a CX of only 0.339, the SM had everything to succeed! Unfortunately, the oil crisis and the reliability problems encountered by the SM put an end to its career in 1975 after 12,920 cars were produced. This car was bought new in a Parisian dealership in 1972. The story goes that the owner was unhappy with the colour of the car and took it directly to Chapron to give it this magnificent Bordeaux colour, the same one it still wears today. This Citroën SM presented here is a carburetted version in very good condition and with a mileage of 68,891 kms. The engine, the gearbox, the clutch are perfectly functional with more than 25 000 euros of invoices. The hydraulic part has been rebuilt at Patrick Marchesseau in Cormes Royal (17) in 2015, the engine and many mechanical parts have been made reliable at Jean Michel DODAT of Maserati engines in 2020. Its black interior is original. Here is an opportunity to treat yourself to a model and an association of mythical manufacturers from the 70's with the added bonus of a medallion of Saint Christopher from the period watching over her!

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