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1954 VOLKSWAGEN Serial number 10471024 Good condition Oval rear window In the same family since 1989 French registration A saga with a dark past, the Volkswagen Type-1 is the work of the economic spring of totalitarian Germany. Its creation was the result of the German government's desire to allow each inhabitant greater mobility in the early 1930s, and it proved to be a success, as the number of cars in Germany doubled between 1932 and 1936, rising from less than 500,000 to 1,000,000 private cars. Ferdinand Porsche was already working on a small, economical car even before the National Socialist Party entrusted him with the "people's car" project. Unveiled to the public in 1938, it immediately attracted 400,000 motorists who pre-ordered it by sending part of their savings to the manufacturer without ever seeing the car because the Second World War was already looming. After the war, the VW factory, close to the border with the Soviet Union, passed from one hand to the other on the side of the Allies, but began to enjoy real success in the early 1950s thanks to the export of its model to Western Europe and the United States. Produced until 2003, the Beetle went through many mechanical changes, doubling its initial power in 50 years. A symbol of the world's popular car, it now holds the record for the number of units produced: over 21,000,000! The model we are presenting to you is one of the first reissues of the post-war Beetle, but paradoxically VW will celebrate the one millionth unit produced in 1955. Registered in November 1954, this Cox bears the registration numbers of a 1953 model and was probably purchased a year later by its first owner. The car looks good overall, the chosen body colour "mint green" is typical of the 1960's model colours and nicely underlines the car's curves. The cloth interior is in keeping with the period materials. A little maintenance is required to take the car on the road with peace of mind. A rare version with an oval window, this Beetle is the perfect little classic, reliable and fun to drive. Car sold without technical control

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