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Nelubin, Georgiy Karlovich, real name Geger, (...

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Nelubin, Georgiy Karlovich, real name Geger, ( 1880 - ?). Blessed memory of K.R. Petrograde, Goliké and Wilborg, 1915, in-8, paperback, 42 pp., 400 copies, this one No. 110, with an autograph dispatch from the author to Smirnov Alexander Alexandrovich (1883 - 1963), the historian of literature and literary critic. 2. Svetchin Vladimir vladimirovich ( 1871 - 1944 ). Blessed memory of the great martyr emperor Nicholas II "Eyes are the mirror of the soul". Paris, Soc. Novelle d'impr. et d'Edition, 1933, in-8, paperback, 30 pp. 3. Sacred Memory of the Royal Martyrs. Ulm, ed. of the Supreme Monarchical Council, 1949, in-8, paperback, 50 pp. 4. Banner. Periodical journal. Munich, ed. of the Institution of Free Monarchist Thought, 1949, two issues, complete, No. 1, July-August, 64 pp. 2, Sept.-Oct. 130 pp. Vintage edition of "DI-PI", displaced persons, very rare! ( Lodygensky Archives). 1) Нелюбин Г.К., наст. фам. Гегер. Автограф. Светлой памяти К.Р. Петроград, 1915. 2) Свечин В.В. Б. флигель-адъютант Е.И.В. Светлой памяти Императора великомученика Николая II. "Глаза - зеркало души". Париж, 1933. 3) Священной памяти Царственных мучеников. Сборник. Ульм, изд. Высшего монарх. совета, 1949. 4) Стяг. №№1,2. Мюнхен, Орган свободной монархической мысли, 1949, комплект.

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