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Webster, Germaine, née Huard, known as Mounette....

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Webster, Germaine, née Huard, known as Mounette]. - Set of 10 unsigned watercolors attributable to Germaine Webster. Some (6) dated from September 1930 to November 1935 and located in Venice. Placed under passe partout, these watercolors measure from 14 to 24.5 x 18 to 26 cm and represent street scenes (4), interior scenes (2), a shoemaker's shop (2), 1 household scene and 1 marine. Germaine Webster is the wife of the famous American painter Herman Armour Webster (1878-1970). H.A. Webster was born in the USA and moved to Paris in 1904, where he studied at the Académie Jullian. In 1914, he participated in the First World War. From 1924 until 1938, he travelled in Europe, including a long stay in Italy, and at the same time took an interest in old mills (water and wind) in order to draw up a census of them with supporting sketches. He was helped in this work by Germaine Huard, an orphan, of whom he was the tutor and who was to become his companion and collaborator (he married her in 1950).