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GEETS (Victoire). Summary of history and geography...

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GEETS (Victoire). Summary of history and geography by Victoire Geets 1843 and 44. 1 in-4 sheet of light paper with a note of congratulation to Victoire Geets dated 13 May 1844, 2 in-8 sheets of light paper giving honourable mention to Miss Victoire Geets and a first place in "works of utility"; 4 folding plates with explanations given in circles surrounded by cartouches; Map of Italy; Map of Belgium, History of Belgium 1844 (36 p.); Map of France, Chronology of the kings of France (10 p.); Map of England, Chronology of the kings of England (15 p.), all bound in a large dark grey paper album in-4, title gilt on front cover. Victoire Geets (Brussels, 1826-1890), daughter of Jacques Geets and Catherine Vanden Nieuwenhuizen, she married Achille Feigneaux, doctor of medicine. School work of 1843-1844 entitled "Summary of history and geography" executed at the Convent of the English Ladies in Ypres. Attached are the wedding announcement of Victoire Geets' granddaughter Marie Le Jeune (1859-1944) to Emile Pecher on June 25, 1889, an invitation card, the wedding menu and five menus of February 25 (2 copies), March 14, May 14, June 4 and June 25, 1889 printed in gold ink, with a gold monogram in the upper left corner of CLJ (Charles Le Jeune, father of the bride) and ME (the first names of the bride and groom). These documents have become detached from the white pages at the end of the album (traces of gluing). Small damages to the binding, traces of handling, some browning. Beautiful and rare specimen of school work.