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MOULT (Thomas-Joseph). Perpetual Prophecies, Very Ancient and Very Certain, of Thomas-Joseph Moult, Native of Naples, Great Astronomer and Philosopher. These Prophecies, so curious, so rare, so sought after, and so useful to the public, especially to Farmers, Winegrowers, Gardeners, and those who trade in Grains and Wines, began in 1269, and will last forever. They were translated from Italian into French, with great accuracy, about 299 years later, and verified by the famous Nostradamus, Prophet Philosopher. Reprinted for the present year, and again calculated, examined and estimated by the most famous Astronomers of this century. Without place, date or publisher's name. In-12 br. of 62 pp. fixed in the middle of the leaves by a small string. Corners of the leaves corroded, The Perpetual Prophecies are planned until 2024. Two woodcuts based on 16th century woodcuts, depicting the portraits of Nostradamus and Thomas Moult. On the cover in handwriting Louis Sillion Mauperthuis (77) 1846. Ends thus End of the third book. GOD OVER ALL Attached: Particular predictions and prediction of storms. Printed sheet recto/verso (8 x 9,5cm) bearing Louis Sillion 1878 and a handwritten silver receipt.

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