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2 litre Race Imitation Tecla French registration The car presented for sale is in the Type 35A configuration derived from the 1924 Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix. Examination of the vehicle shows a car in good used condition, with an old patina. The engraved chassis plate 4627 is new. The body would have been made in Spain as well as the bonnet. According to the owner, the mirror and the windscreen are two original parts. The chassis is new and from English origin. It is true to the model, equipped with a hole for the front brake cables, behind the springs articulation, as on the pre-1928 Bugatti eight cylinders Grand Prix frames. It is equipped with new ventilated drums. The radiator is new, and does not have a brand name. It is equipped with a small additional fan. The engine would be originally a complete entity coming from Argentina. It is engraved on the upper face of its lower casing with the number 34 followed by the letter A. They refer to the engine N° 34A that equipped the Bugatti type 35A chassis 4627 that gave the registration card. These strokes are modern. The letter A is not in the Bugatti factory style of engraving, and on this rear flap of the engine lower casing should be engraved the chassis number 4627, which is not the case. The underside of the crankcase shows the cooling fins in perfect condition without any trace of impact by any stone or irregularity of the coating, which would be impossible for a nearly 100 years old part. The engine is equipped with a Paris Rhone Dynamo and a starter fixed on the gearbox cover as it was the case on this model. It is fed by two bronze Solex carburetors. The car is equipped with a hand pump on the left side rail to top up the oil level and a reservoir under the passenger seat, as on the type 35 racing models and derivatives. The steering box has the initial "Y" of the owner as well as the front axle, new part, conform to the model. The gearbox is new and of English origin. Its cover receives a starter. A cardan shaft transmission connects it to the axle. The rear axle is new and not numbered. It is fixed by three bolts to the strut. The strut could be old, as it is very worn and has a two-digit number on its upper side, which could be related to the number of the bridge with which it was paired. Trumpets and brake flanges could be old according to the owner. The dashboard has on the left the manual fuel tank pressurization pump, an original Jaeger "8 days" watch, as well as the oil and fuel pressure indicators. To the right of the beautifully crafted steering wheel is an optional 5,000 rpm tachometer with a black background. The vehicle under examination is a Type 35A, of which 139 were produced between May 1925 and September 1927. It was built around 1990 using mostly new parts purchased from well-known English and Argentine suppliers. The model is in very good condition, it is supplied with a normal registration card and does not require any modification for immediate use. Pierre-Yves LAUGIER