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Serial number HBJ8L35828 A must have in your collection Nice appearance - French registration. Founded by Donald Healey in 1948, a renowned racing engineer, the Austin-Healey brand aimed to produce high-performance, affordable roadsters. Initially offered in a 4-cylinder version (the 100/4), the Austin-Healey roadster quickly switched to a 6-cylinder 3-litre engine for more torque and power, and the famous "big" Healey 3000 was born. In 1963, Austin-Healey presents the ultimate evolution of the 3000 : the 3000 MK III which will be produced until 1968. On the engine side, the Austin 3-liter cast iron block is a model of flexibility, capable of taking over in third gear at 1500 rpm without flinching. Fed by two SU carburetors, this big inline six doesn't shy away from revs either, with an absolutely fabulous sound. The emblem of the prestigious British roadster, the AUSTIN HEALEY 3000 has become the icon of the chic and sporty convertible, both powerful and elegant. The BJ8 MK III version represents the ultimate evolution of the 3000 in terms of chassis and performance, while allowing for 2 additional passengers in the rear, in relative comfort. Today, it is a must-have that many lovers of fast British cars dream of putting in their garage. This Austin Healey left the factory in 1967 and was delivered new in the United States like most of the production. Equipped with the same engine as the 3000 series, the MK III carries this big 3.0L inline 6-cylinder engine that develops 148 horsepower on this version thanks to two SU HD8 carburetors. Mechanically, the 3000 handles well. The clutch is fluid and doesn't slip, the engine responds well to accelerations and allows you to reach high speeds. One of the strong points of this Healey is its exhaust system, which transforms the 3000's characteristic wail into an animal growl at 3000 rpm. Aesthetically, the Blue Artic paint on the 3000's body looks good and the chrome is in good condition. The cabin of this MKIII is typically British with a mix of leather, chrome and woodwork, but all in a sober, almost uncluttered style that reminds us of the main function of this car: sporty driving. The only necessary information is displayed: lap counter, speedometer, oil and water temperature and fuel gauge; all of this is topped by a large black bakelite steering wheel with the lightning bolt logo. The black leather upholstery with gold piping is in good condition, as is the wooden dashboard plaque; the soft top deserves a good refreshment but is not torn and closes properly. With this beautiful English convertible, we offer you the opportunity to drive away with a car with splendid lines and a bewitching mechanic, a must-have in the life of a collector.